Saturday, May 23, 2009

Spring Catch UP!

I would have to say that going a couple of months and then writing a LOOOOONG post is my kind of thing these days. Hopefully with school being out in two weeks, I can stay caught up, YEAH!
Easter was a BLAST! As Gavin and Bre get older the holidays are getting more and more fun. The Easter bunny hid Gavin's in his favorite hiding spot the towel closet and Bre's in the bath tub. They had a fun time going around and looking for it, just like we do in hide-in-seek. Of course they were spoiled from everyone and had toys and candy coming out of everywhere. We went up to Great Grandma Tootsie's for our annual egg hunt. Then the following Sunday we celebrated with Nana and Papa which is where the pictures are from. We had another egg hunt with everyone and enjoyed the company. Gavin and Bre's loved Easter so much that they continued hiding eggs for each other weeks later.
A little surprise came the weekend after Easter, where Chad had to have emergency Gallbladder surgery. He had been having some belly pain for awhile and they started running tests. Both came back that his gallbladder wasn't even working. Chad called from work to see what was going on and the doctor told him to get to the ER. So, his crew transported him to the ER in their ambulance, which was entertainment for them all. He had it removed and came home the next day. He is doing much better, it was quite scary the first week of recovery, but things are getting back to normal. We now just need to figure out why he can't sleep!
Mother's Day was a nice and relaxing day. It is always fun to be able to spend time with your family and let your mom(s) know just how much you love and appreciate all that they do! Again I am reminded just how lucky I am to have such an inspirational mom who is an amazing example to me, I just adore her and hope that I can be the type of mom she is. I absolutely love and appreciate my mother-in-law and am so grateful for the relationship that I have with her. Then to my sweet Grandma Tootsie and my late Grandma Kari who have left and continue to create such a great legacy! They lived and shown what true sacrifice and unconditional love is all about. I am forever grateful for all that they did and continue to do! I love all you guys!
Gavin decided he wanted to try Tee-ball this spring, which started and has already ended! He got to play with some of his buddies which made it even better! The first game they hit from tee's then after that the coach pitched to them. Gavin did such a great job and has got quite the little swing. The funniest (kind of) part was we were practicing in the backyard when he hit a line drive and pegged our dog Chubbs between the eyes. If knocked him out, but he recovered. The next game (no kidding) Gav hit a foul ball and hit another dog in the head, he was being held by its owner! I just had to laugh, my child had only been play for two weeks and had already hit two dogs! It was fun to watch him and all the others try to pick up the concept of baseball. At times Gav became the little social bug and chatted with whoever was on first base! In the end Gav told me he liked soccer better because it is way easier since all you do is kick the ball in the net. At the end is a fun dance that Gav
After Gav's last game we decided to do a family night and go fishing. This was Bre's first time fishing with her new Dora pole and she was so excited. The fish were jumping out of the water which was fun and entertaining. Believe it or not the Dora pole was the fishes choice, we caught two off of it. Gav loved casting and reeling in, the whole waiting thing got to be a little boring, so that was daddy's job. Bre just enjoyed being outside and holding on to her Dora fishing pole. We are lovin the spring weather and can't wait to go camping in our new trailer!
The other pictures are from when I had my niece and nephews over. They wanted to do some dressing up, so Kailee put on some of my old dresses, Bre put on her princess dress, and Gavin told me he wanted to dress like a "cool dude!" As the pictures tell we had a blast! Kailee and Bre looked really pretty and Gavin looked pretty cool!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

We Are Alive!

Nothing like not keeping up with this whole blog thing. It is pretty sad when you can't give 30 minutes of your time weekly to write. Well I can't believe how fast time has flown by. We have been busy, busy, busy, with many different things. I am little bummed since I haven't kept up with this, that I have forgotten some of those special moments that I thought I would always remember. There have been some really tough times these past two months that have really made me reflect on my life, where I am going, and how grateful I am for the knowledge that I have.
On February 13th my dear, sweet, Norwegian, Grandma Kari passed away. This was such a bitter sweet time for me. The last week of January my mom had called me to tell me that my Grandma wasn't doing really well, which was surprising since we had just seen her and celebrated her birthday. I knew she was getting weak but I didn't realize how little time I had left with her. We decided as a family that all of us would visit and be with her each night and make sure she was comfortable. Some of the pictures in the slide show were taken weeks and days before she passed away. Each time we were there, she was so sweet and made sure that you knew that she loved you. She said it to you with so much passion that you knew she meant it with every fiber of her being. We brought her her favorites because we wanted her to enjoy the end. We shared chocolate covered strawberries, rum balls, Norwegian Liquor chocolates and Diet coke. Towards the end there were a couple of times that you knew she was so close. She talked about dancing with her sweetheart and kissing her Heavenly Father. I remember telling my mom, that I wish I could just see a glimpse of what she is. My mom responded by telling me if I did, I wouldn't want to be here. She passed away being by her only daughter my mom, which I don't think she would have wanted it any other way. I am so lucky to have had such a great example of love, perseverence, patriotism, and faith. I am so grateful for the relationship I was able to have with my grandma. It is a comfort knowing where she is and who she is with. Best of all is if I do my part at I will be able to see her again.
As for all the rest that has happened in the slide show there are picture of us as the Zoo Lights, sledding and Grandma Tootsie's and Grandpa Tom's. I have to tell you my Grandpa is a genius. He created a slope going along the side of the hill so the kids had more time to ride. He created the best the games and designs the best sledding trails around! Then my cute Grandma had prepared lunch for us and as always it was delicious. They are amazing!
Gavin is starting to work on reading. He is putting his sounds together to form simple small words. He is dying to read, he keeps asking me when he'll be able to read big books. Gavin is such an inquisitive kid and has a memory that astonishes me. We were watching the Presidential Address on t.v. and this is how our conversation went:
Gav - Mom I know who that is?
Me - Who is it?
Gav - It is President Owak Obama!
Me - That's right!
Gav - And I know what his favorite sport's basketball!
Me - You're right!
Gav - Doesn't he have kids
Me - Yes, he has 2 daughters
Gav - That's right, and he loves to read his children bedtime stories at night
Me - How do you know all this Gav?
Gav - From the t.v. (he is jumping up and down all excited) and mom if you want to learn more you can visit his website!
He just makes me laugh! Gav is really into Lego's, transformers, and Star Wars. He loves to create things with anything. He enjoys going into his room and turning his Sesame Street songs on high and sing and dance to them. His favorite songs are Furry, Happy Monsters and Tu Me Gustas! His girlfriend right now is McKenna, he'll run away when you ask him. He is anxiously waiting for it to be warm outside so we can play outside all day! Gavin is my cuddler and sweetheart.
As for Bre she just melts my heart. She reminds me of me, she is all girl but can hold her own with the boys. She can be in a tutu and high heels one second, then racing down the steps with the boys the next. She loves to put on make-up and paint her fingernails, but loves to get dirty when she is outside. Bre is into making comparisons with boys and girls. It is either a boy color or girl color, a boy toy or girl toy, for small girls or big boys. She loves to hand out the hot sauce but dies when she may fall victim. Bre is into showing off her dance moves, playing with her babies, dressing up, coloring on everything with anything, and not wanting to sit on the potty! She makes me smile every day!
I am reminded every day just how lucky I am to be surrounded by the wonderful family and friends that I have. They are the ones that make my life so great and keep me going. I owe everything to them for all they do for me. I love them all and am unbelievably happy to know I get to be with them forever!

Monday, December 29, 2008

Tis' The Season

It has been another amazing Christmas season in the Pate household. We have been going from party, to party, to party! I am always reminded at this time of year just how blessed I am to have the families and friends that I do. They always make this time of year so special for us, especially Gaver's and B's. So instead of me rambling on, I will let the pictures do the talking! But, thanks to all my families and friends for just being the people they are, I love you and am forever in debt for all you do for me!
Christmas Day (We are working backwards)
Nana and Papa's house!
Gavin with his StarWars legos
Breezy showing off her "bling" thanks to Nana!

Papa picked this present out for Gav, what a great Papa!

What is a princess without a tutu!

Christmas Morning at home!
Me and my kiddies!

Chad got to come home from work for 2 hours!

Bre was so excited to get a camera. She would take a picture and then tell me I am Tinkerbell.

Gav in front of his stash! He had a lego Christmas!

Bre in front of hers! She got lots of baby stuff and a Dora table. She was so upset that she couldn't take it in the bath tub with her!

This Christmas I decided to surprise Chad with a firefighter quilt. This was the first quilt I have done in a long time. My sweet aunt Brenda held my hand the whole way. Thanks Aunt Brenda! I think we surprised Chad.

Christmas Eve (Grandma Kari's & Bompa's)
Gavin with his presents, he got a light saver and Air hog helicopters and jets!

Bre got a Dora play house and a shopping cart. She went around the house "shopping" the rest of the night!

Our Norwegian Christmas Eve Party
Gavin on the Jullenissen's lap (aka Uncle Rick) he is the Norwegian santa claus.

Dancing around the tree to Norwegian polka music. Yes, that is my cute little grandma being escorted around by Cody. She was in heaven, but once around the tree was good enough for her.
Gavin and Noah chillin'

My cute little Norwegian Grandma Kari (who I am named after) and me!

The beautiful tables before we sat down for dinner. My mom did an excellent job! We have pork and Korv ( a type of sausage), sukral (cabbage), potatoes! Delicious. For dessert we have rice cream with a red sauce. Whoever finds the almond gets a marzipan pig.

Playing around getting ready for Christmas to come!
Gavin and his buddies, Dylan and Colton rocking out in his bedroom. I came in and found them on his desk, dancing and singing and I just had to take a picture!

Building snowmen!
Pajama night! We had a surprise santa come for the kids. Gav was acting too shy and Bre was scared out of her mind!

Gavin wouldn't take his hands away from his eyes, so Santa being the great person he is played along!
Our family in our new PJ's thanks to Grandma Kari and Bompa!
The girlies in our PJ's!
Annual Shrimp dinner at Grandma Tootsie's and Grandpa Tom's house! We do this the Sunday before Christmas every year. They have delicious shrimp and steak along with the other fixin's and boy is it something we all look forward to all year long! Thanks Grandma and Grandpa!
After dinner they surprised all their great-grandkid's with presents. They sure know how to spoil them!
Gavin with his popper gun, along with Batman legos, spiderman shooter, and a car night light!

Bre in my old German outfit! She loved it!
Bre with her baby from Grandma Tootsie, Grandpa Tome and Aunt Brenda. They gave her books, mini Dora cd and my Aunt Brenda's old June and Julie doll that was purchased in the 1960's. What a great keepsake for Bre! Thanks guys!

Bre in her Christmas dress. She loved twirling in it.

Chad snowplowing with the boys. Gavin is in the Nacho Libre mask and Dylan is in front.

Gavin had his preschool Christmas performance! He did a great job. He wasn't too big on the whole hand gestures, but he did sing. There were a couple of yawns inbetween words, however. Hey, what can I say, this may not be his cup of tea! There is a video of him singing Jingle Bells, that he did enjoy!

Gavin in his preschool performance attire. What a cute rudolph!

Ornament Night at Nana's and Papa's. Every year Nana and Papa give us an ornament for our tree. What I love most about it is that the ornament they give has a certain meaning to it. It can be about a certain milestone, event, or memory they have of you for the year. This means a lot to us and I appreciate the thoughtfulness they give to it each year.
After the ornaments they got to decorate gingerbread men!

Bre was into eating the frosting and candy more than decorating. She did get one made and it was cute.

We playing the skittle game where you had to move skittles from one bowl to your cup, using a straw. It was fun and I later realized that I am horrible at this game, little oxygen to the brain causes headaches!
Brad, Marlee, and Quinton relaxing!

Gavin holding up his ornament. He got a Horton Hears a Who one, because Nana and Papa treated us to that movie when it came out. We had a great time at the movie!
Bre got a little pink princess snowman ornament. Do I need to say more?
Chad got a fire truck because he is a fire fighter and I got a Minnie Mouse ornament because I love Disney!
Gavin with his Nana!

Our annual friend Christmas party! This year we had it at Alli and Grant's house. We had delicious hawaiian haystacks. Then we exchanged white elephants, some of the exciting ones were large panties (Tracy got those), thongs (Jeremy got those), stress balls (Alli got those), and I got a bug zapper. Chad kept trying to hit me with it and I kept telling him that it would hurt. He didn't believe me and tapped his hand on it, all of a sudden you saw this huge electric flash and Chad on the ground! Yes, he got shocked (zapped), it was a huge comic relief for everyone. Next time he'll believe me (not really)!

We missed Dave and Michelle!

We went to decorate my Grandma Kari's room for the holiday's so we decided to make an event out of it. We loaded all the kids and we headed up to her care center. We got up there around 8:00 PM and the party started. The cute aides there brought out apple juice and cookies for the kids. We sat in her room and sang christmas carols, the kids did performances for her, and we talked. What a great memory!
All of us with Grandma Kari!
Another great year has past. I am looking forward to what is to come and being able to experience it all with those who I love! Thanks again to everyone for making this year so special. I love you all!

And now Gavin's preschool performance!